Estate agents in Spain

Do you want to buy, sell or rent your property and need to contact a spanish real estate agency? We have compiled a complete list of real estate agents organized by provinces and cities, to make it easier for you to find those in any town.

This real estate directory is made up of a list of national agencies that we are compiling from different sources (real estate portals, local guides, yellow pages, etc), and that we complement with the agencies that publish properties in each of the spanish cities.

It is a traditional directory, where only basic contact information (name, address and telephone number) is shown, so that the so called online real estates agencies (those that operate exclusively online), or individual agents that do not have an open office to the public, are not included.

So if you have a real estate agency in Spain, with a premises at street level or with an office open to the public, send us your information and we will include it in this estate agents directory.

And if you also want to publish your properties, visit this page where you can learn about the different ways to send us your properties depending on real estate software or real estate CRM that you are using.